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Classic Chair (CC)


Length: 790 мм
Width: 540 мм
Height: 640 мм
Hand bar height: 1150-1340 мм
Weight: 40 кг



Classic Pilates Chair – multifunctional compact machine. Perfect for studio and home using. Allows to make more than hundred rehabilitational and integrational exercises. Classic chair is a hybrid of Wunda chair and an Electric chair.

We produce the most functional model of pilates chair with 2 independent foot-pedals. It allows you to do rotational and asymmetrical moves that are very important for coordination and flexibility improvment. You can unite both pedals in one for parallel using with the special hub.

Every pedal has 2 springs – high and low stiffness level to fit to any person’s weight level. Amount of springs and their angle is chosed by the instructor.

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