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Cadillac Trapeze Table (TT)


Length: 2300 мм
Width: 670 мм
Height: 670 мм
Metal frame height: 2000 мм
Weight: 120 кг



Кадиллак Pilates Plus – признанный лидер среди оборудования Пилатес.

The main frame is made of solid beech. Our goal is using of only valuable tree breeds. The beech is solid and durable. Frame is covered with high-durable polyurethane varnish. It’s texture is tiny and elegant with light pink shade. Roling platform is made of brich wood. Shoulder supports and pads are made of high-quality pleather.

Frame and pads colors are customisable. We can make it in any color you could wish.

Accessories and components – stainless steel, beech wood.

– Adjustable bar push-through and spring bar roll-down are made of beech and adjust by the height.
– Straps pack.
– Sheep fur Fluffy Straps.
– Adjustable circle strap.
– Spring pack, 6 pairs with different stiffness.
– Bars pack.

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