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Ladder Barrel (BL)


Ladder height: 100см;
Barrel height: 90 см.
Length: 120 см
Width: 80 см
Wooden type: Beech (optionally Oak)



Ladder Barrel is a great exercise machine to work with spine articulation, back posture and boby flexibility.

This machine allows to train isolated muscles that construct the back posture. The name “Barrel” was formed from simple oak barrel which was adapted to workout by Joseph Pilates. Some time later A barrel was connected with the ladder. You can provide exercises from beginner to pro level using this barrel.

Sliding base allows to adjust the device to any legs length and any torso length. This is the one of the simplest and one of the most important machines at the Pilates studio. If you already have a reformer then your next choice should be barrel.

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